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domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Hardcore Superstar - Discografia

Quando eu vi a banda primeira vez, achei que era mais uma bandinha de Gothic Rock, estilo The 69 Eyes, mas quando escutei era Hard Rock meio oitentista.Hardcore Superstar me lembra muito Mötley Crüe, principalmente o vocal. As letras da musicas nãos são muito festivas, mas um conteúdo sério e positivo.

It's Only Rock'n'Roll(1997)
Bad Sneakers and a Piña Colada(2000)
Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves)(2001)
No Regrets(2003)
01. War Of Complaint
02. No Regrets
03. Breakout
04. Soul of Sweetness
05. Honey Tongue
06. Still Im Glad
07. Bring Me Back
08. Pathetic Way of Life
09. It's So True
10. Why Can't You Love Me Like Before
11. The Last Great Day
12. I Can't Change
13. You Know Where We Belong

Hardcore Superstar(2005)
01. Kick On The Upperclass
02. Bag On Your Yead
03. Last Forever
04. Shes Offbeat
05. We Don't Celebrate Sundays
06. Hateful
07. Wild Boys
08. My Good Reputation
09. Cry Your Eyes Out
10. Simple Man
11. Blood On Me
12. Standin On The Verge
Dreamin' in a Casket(2007)
01. Need No Company
02. Medicate Me
03. Dreamin In A Casket
04. Silence For The Peacefully
05. Sophisticated Ladies
06. Wake Up Dead In A Garbagecan
07. Spreadin The News
08. This Is For The Mentally Damaged
09. Sensitive To The Light
10. Lesson In Violence
11. Sorry For The Shape Im In
12. No Resistance
Beg For It(2009)
01. This Worm's For Ennio
02. Beg For It
03. Into Debauchery
04. Shades Of Grey
05. Nervous Breakdown
06. Hope For A Normal Life
07. Don't Care 'Bout Your Bad Behavior
08. Remove My Brain
09. Spit It Out
10. Illegal Fun
11. Take 'Em All Out
12. Innocent Boy

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